Game of Thrones - Croatia will GOT you

Croatia will GOT you

The Iron Throne is still here, all you have to do is find it

GOT – three magical letters that have completely crazed the world in the past few years. One of the greatest series in the history of television, Game of Thrones, broke records with every new season and every new episode, and the epic tale of betrayal and nobility, brave heroes and ruthless villains battling for the Iron Throne had millions of people glued to their screens.

Alongside the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens, Croatia was also a big star. In its beautiful towns and landscapes all-out battles took place and webs of intrigue were woven to occupy the most desirable throne in the world.


Relive the world of Westeros and the legendary Seven Kingdoms in Dubrovnik, on Lokrum, in Ston, Split, Klis and Trogir. During your endeavour you will encounter spectacular scenery, mythical towns, stone walls that can retell thousands of years of history… We must warn you; Croatia is as addictive as the show. After your first visit, you will keep coming back for another dose of the most beautiful sea in the world, gastronomic experience, laughter on our miraculously stunning beaches, tranquillity in the valleys of the pristinely clear rivers.


Croatia full of life. Croatia full of Game of Thrones.

Ivo Biočina

Dubrovnik - King’s Landing

This is where even the large fleet of Stannis Baratheon stood powerless

There is hardly a better backdrop for the capital of the Seven Kingdoms than the world’s pearl of Dubrovnik. No special movie effects were necessary to transform the Old Town of Dubrovnik into King’s Landing. Guarded by a mighty wall, basking in eternal summer and turquoise Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik has, for full seven seasons, played the Oscar-worthy role of a city of intrigue where many have a desire to rule and be in power.
Visit the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor where Cersei Lannister started her “Walk of Shame” through the streets of King’s Landing. The Red Keep is also located there, the seat of the King of Andals and the First Men. You can also see where the legendary Battle of Blackwater was fought, in which the mighty fleet of Stannis Baratheon was destroyed and which was shot on the beach Šulić at the foot of the Old Town walls.

Did you know that you can trace the footsteps of Daenerys Targaryen at the Minčeta Tower where she was searching for her dragons at the House of the Undying? And that is not all. Game of Thrones was shot at more than 15 locations in town, but it is best if you come to explore for yourself and relive each episode of the series. Dubrovnik knows all the secrets of King’s Landing.

Arboretum of Trsteno - Tyrell, High Garden

Lord Baelish and Lord Varys are at your service

All existing weapons were allowed in Westeros because, as Cersei Lannister once eloquently said, “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die”. Are you eager for intrigue, trading secrets and a bit of diplomacy?

There is no better place for that than the Arboretum of Trsteno, located some 20 kilometres from Dubrovnik, in the gardens of which plans were hatched and the future of the Seven Kingdoms woven. If you tune your ears more, you can still hear the conspiratorial whisper of Margaery and Lady Olenna Tyrell, as well as of Lord Baelish and Lord Varys. With them around, Sansa Stark is certainly not far behind.

Lokrum - Qarth

The Pureborn rule here

Unlike Daenerys Targaryen who travelled for days to the trading city of Qarth where she sought allies, it will take you around 10 minutes to reach Lokrum by boat.

The small mystical island near Dubrovnik, which, according to the legend, also rescued the English king Richard I, better known as Richard the Lionheart, will dazzle you at first glance with its lush vegetation, intoxicating scents and chirping of crickets. In Game of Thrones these gardens were ruled by the Pureborn. Walk along the same paths as Khaleesi and her mighty host Xaro Xhoan Daxos. During your stay on the island, you can sit on the Iron Throne, located in the Benedictine monastery. Just be careful, you will make many enemies…

Daniel Pavlinović

Ston - King's Landing, Eyrie

Feel as powerful as a ruler of the Seven Kingdoms

King’s Landing instilled fear and awe in its enemies with its mighty walls that annihilated the largest of fleets and made the most persistent armies in the Seven Kingdoms give up.

This impenetrable rampart in the Game of Thrones was depicted by 5,5 kilometres long Walls of Ston, a city on the Pelješac Peninsula, an hour’s drive away from Dubrovnik. Walk down the longest preserved fortification system in the world, after the Great Wall of China, and feel powerful like many rulers of Westeros. Lastly, a tiny spoiler, the impressive walls were not built for the purposes of the series. They have existed here since the XIV century.

Ivan Galić

Split - Meereen

Khaleese’s dragons are still hiding in the basement

Welcome to the town and a museum. The Mediterranean jewel that captivated even the Roman emperor Diocletian. Split was simply the perfect setting for the fantastic and brutal world of Westeros.
In the mysterious cellars of the Diocletian's Palace, the interior of which doubled as the city of Meereen, which Daenerys Targaryen freed from slavery, powerful dragons were kept and trained for the upcoming battles, while the thick walls also conceal the secret army of Grey Worm and the Unsullied which fought to the last breath for her return to the Iron Throne.

As you walk through the mystical pathways of the ancient palace be careful not to get caught in the ambush of the Sons of the Harpy. We also cannot be sure that Khaleesi has not forgotten one of her flying babies in the dark passageways. And that is not all, the very centre of the city harbours a museum dedicated to the series, which completes the journey to the fascinating world of Game of Thrones.

Klis - Meereen

Experience the same view as did the Mother of Dragons

Like a stout lord, this fort, named after a cliff on which it is located between Kozjak and Mosor hills, has been watching over Split for centuries. Honouring the Targaryen house words “Fire and blood”, Daenerys has, surrounded by this combination of cruel beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland and gorgeous sea views, conquered Meereen, the largest of the slaver cities.

A tour that could be aptly named “Feel powerful like Khaleesi” takes you through the historic walls and paths along which the slave owners in the series payed with their lives for the conflict with the fair-haired ruler. After reaching the top of the fort, you will revel in the same view as did the Mother of Dragons. An interesting fact is that Klis was by chance the first capital of Croatia during the Trpimirović dynasty.

Ivo Biočina

Trogir - Qarth; Kaštel Gomilica as Braavos

“The greatest city that ever was or will be” is located in Dalmatia

“The greatest city that ever was or will be” is an expression used in the series to describe Qarth, and it is very easy to imagine it describing Trogir, the historic centre of which is under the protection of UNESCO. The beauty of this Dalmatian town, which is considered to be the most preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe, blends in perfectly into the story of a thriving trading town ruled by the Thirteen.

Ivan Galić
As you explore the sights such as the fort Kamerlengo, the walls and the cathedral you will recognize that Trogir was a place where cunning traders led by the self-proclaimed king of Qarth Xaro Xhoan Daxos captured Daenerys’ dragons. The revenge of the Mother of Dragons was horrid. In the immediate vicinity of Trogir, only 15 kilometres away, is Kaštel Gomilica, one of the seven Kaštels, the port of which as well as the castle Kaštilac represented parts of Braavos.

Šibenik - Braavos

Here one can find the Iron Bank, the most powerful financial institution of the known world

Remember Arya Stark? The fearless daughter of Lord Eddard Ned Stark, who saved the world of the living by killing the Night King. One of her adventures takes place in Šibenik when a sailboat with the princess, after it passes the colossal Titan of Bravos, enters the Free City of Braavos with the St. Nikola Fort and contours of beautiful buildings seen in the background.

Along with Kaštel Gomilica, this Dalmatian jewel was the backdrop of the all-powerful banking centre of the Seven Kingdoms and the Cathedral of St. Jacob in Šibenik, which is under the protection of UNESCO, without any additional set design became the Iron Bank, the most powerful financial institution of the known world. In the vicinity of Šibenik is also the National Park Krka, where the magical play of nature with miraculous waterfalls depicted the journey through the Riverlands.

Visit this amazing walled city, fit for a King