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From the macadam field trials ideal for mountain bikes to the asphalted roads for family sightseeing, in Croatia you will find a huge variety of ideal trails for everyone's taste, amateur or professional. Even challenge your own limits and get excited reviving the five stages of the Tour of Croatia:

Makarska-Split, Šibenik-Zadar, NP Plitvice-Učka, Pula-Umag and Saint Martin-Zagreb. A demanding but attractive route across the National Parks of Krka and Plitvice and the Nature Parks of Biokovo, Velebit and Učka.


Ride through astonishing landscapes in natural parks such as Kopački Rit or Medvednica in Slavonia and Central Croatia, follow the numerous wine and gastro routes through stunning vineyards like the famous Istria Wine or Gastro Cycling Tour and, of course, you can always take your bike with you on a catamaran for an unforgettable visit to the Islands.

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Croatia by bike

Where the landscape inspires, and the time spent transforms


Croatia is overflowing with contrasting landscapes extremely suitable and attractive for discovering and exploration by bicycle. If you decide to experience this abundance of natural and cultural-historical beauty by bicycle, you cannot go wrong.

The options are endless, and so inviting: from Croatia’s most popular cycling peninsula - Istria, over the forested, fragrant islands of Kvarner and the highland area of Gorski Kotar, the historical roads of the Lika-Karlovac region, over the highest passes and attractive mountains of the Dinaric karst to the dramatically beautiful Dalmatian coast with its islands or from the cereal plains of Slavonia through the green river valleys, over the cultivated hills with the many castles, manor houses and churches of central Croatia to the urban cycling oasis of Zagreb.

EuroVelo and other international cycling routes in Croatia

Croatia is integrated in the EuroVelo network of cycling routes which connect the whole of the European continent. The designated routes throughout the whole of Europe can be used by tourists for trips and multiday journeys as well as the local population who pass shorter sections of the EuroVelo route for everyday cycling or enjoying biking excursions along them. Within the EuroVelo network there are 17 cycling routes over 42 European countries with more than 90,000 planned kilometres by the time the network will be fully completed.

Terme Sveti Martin / TZŽ Međimurje

Four EuroVelo routes pass through Croatia:

EuroVelo 6 (Atlantic Ocean – Black Sea, known as the Danube Route), EuroVelo 13 (The Iron Curtain Trail), EuroVelo 8 (The Mediterranean Route) and EuroVelo 9 (Baltic – Adriatic Sea).

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Useful information for cyclists and cyclotourists

Means of public transport that can accept bikes are: trains, boats (ferries) and river ferries, and it is also possible to transport bikes by aeroplane and bus. Also, the bike itself as a means of transport is increasingly becoming a daily part of public transport, and there are more and more public bikes in the towns of Croatia.

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