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Rural tourism

Rural Tourism in Croatia

Land of breathtaking scenery and active tourism, cultural heritage, healthy home-made cooking and top-quality drinks that you just have to try with your hosts when you’re in the countryside!

More than ninety per cent of Croatian territory is rural. In these parts of the country, you can visit eight national parks and twelve nature parks, dozens of adrenaline and amusement parks and lookouts, as well as numerous tourist-oriented homesteads that offer guests and visitors a special experience of the Croatian village. All over Croatia, unexplored rural areas are slowly becoming modern and sought-after. Healthy food, home-made products, forgotten flavours, pristine nature, fresh air, recreation and exploration of the unknown have become an indispensable ingredient of a healthy life that all generations strive for today. The Croatian village offers all this and preserves its tradition – the rural heritage and local delicacies with recipes that get passed down from generation to generation. Before you leave for home, don’t forget to buy a few local products – after all, nothing can beat home-grown produce and local food and drink.


What food to try?

Fiš-paprikaš or brudetŠtrukli or gibanicaPršut, šunka, or kulen? Nettle bread or spelt bread, baked in a brick oven or under the baking bell? Meat 'z tiblice or lamb from local producers under the baking bell? The choice is, of course, not an easy one, but you can’t go wrong, because we produce healthy food and offer long-forgotten flavours. Here, we eat like in the good old days!


Did you know that more than 130 indigenous wine varieties are grown in Croatia and that wine has been grown in our country since Roman times? Croatian winemakers achieve top results at the world's most prestigious wine competitions. And do you know which Croatian wine was drunk at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? You don’t? Come and find out! In addition to excellent wines and sparkling wines, be sure to try our home-made juices, brandies and liqueurs made from local fruits that strengthen the body and soul. And, of course, desserts - we’ve tried them all!

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What’s there to do?

The opportunities for excursions are numerous, as are for multi-day holidays where everyone will find something to suit their preferences. A family day out, a road trip with friends, a romantic getaway, a picnic or a hunting trip? Or are you looking to escape for a few days from the hustle and bustle of the city? You can spend the night in authentic holiday homes that preserve the village architecture and antique furniture, Robinson Crusoe-like facilities, or luxury holiday villas with beautiful swimming pools. Have you ever slept in the hay? Sure, it prickles a bit, but it smells wonderful. Wake up in the morning to the smell of freshly cut grass and a rooster crowing – good morning! Our breakfast is the furthest thing from highly-processed breakfast cereal. Local eggs, home-made cheese and cream, butter, sausages, jams, warm bread, locally grown fruits and vegetables – all for a delicious start to the day!


Eight national parks, twelve nature parks and other natural wonders, as well as numerous hiking and educational trails, provide various opportunities for hiking and nature walks. Raftingkayaking or canoeingHorseback riding or a carriage ride? Maybe just recreationally? We have four EuroVelo cycling routes and exciting local cycling trails to satisfy all appetites – from beginners to pro cyclists. Children will love feeding farm animals, and you can also take part in farm work. Refresh yourself in clean rivers and lakes, wellness centres, and spas, recharge your batteries, and relax!


We have been living in this area since time immemorial and we’ve got plenty to show for it. Cultural sights, traditional villages, ethnographic collections, sacral buildings, castles, museums, and galleries, as well as numerous events, represent an impressive national cultural heritage that you have yet to experience!


So – come and explore rural Croatia – we are here for you all year round!

The text was provided by Croatian Rural Tourism Association

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