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Welcome Croatia to your home!

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, you are unable to be with the one you love the most. Sometimes, you have to stay away from the people, places and things that make you the happiest, that leave you with a feeling of contentment and fill your heart with love. Long-distance love is never easy, but true love survives.


Just as we are sure you have found ways to virtually connect with your loved ones, while staying at home, we have found a way to bring Croatia to you. At the moment, this will be a long-distance kind of love. 

Take a tour of Croatia and dream of a trip to our beautiful country. Choose from our breath-taking beaches or parks, famous food and wine, spectacular culture and history, watch any of the movies and shows that were filmed here, learn about our legends or just take a sail along the magnificent Adriatic. It is up to you to choose where you want to go.


Learn more, see more, feel more and explore all Croatia has to offer.


We can't wait to see you!


Have you had the chance to sail the Croatian coast?

Imagine a country with almost 2,000 kilometers of sun-kissed coastline, more than 1,000 islands (including the sunniest one in all of Europe), and one of the cleanest seas on the planet. Imagine sailing in such a paradise. This paradise offers so much more.

A sea of opportunities

Your to-do list for island hoping which will inspire a thousand more ideas!

Visit this amazing walled city, fit for a King

A rich cultural heritage that lives beyond museums, churches and cathedrals.
Some of Croatia’s cultural attractions are the oldest in the world and absolutely worth a visit.

Ivo Biočina

History at every step

When you visit Croatia, always be prepared for pleasant surprises because, just when you think you’ve seen it all, it will come up with several new and unbelievable discoveries you’ll simply have to see!

Free your energy in river canyons and karst landscapes going rafting and kayaking

What is so magical about an active vacation that makes it so irresistible? Find a part of the answer to this question here and choose how you will put your muscles “to work” this time…

Feel the energy

Croatia is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s top adrenaline destinations, with many more adventurous challenges located close to the beach for an ultimate vacation.

Adrenaline junkies, this way please!

Croatia is a country with a thousand islands, but also a land of a thousand gastronomic faces. Whether you're a fan of traditional or modern cuisine, your Croatian culinary adventure will fulfil all your expectations... and much, much more!

Home-cooked meals made with lots of love

Have a seat on the grass, drink a little homemade rakija (brandy), and enjoy while you wait for your dinner. Whatever you choose, bon appétit or as Croatians say - dobar tek!

Diverse nature

Dive into one of the ecologically best-preserved parts of Europe

Aleksandar Gospić

Beaches beyond your wildest dreams

Discover your story