Life never stops

Life is to be lived, and not to be spent

worrying about schedules and busy high

seasons. If you are hungry for new

experiences, don't hesitate any longer! Croatia 

has something to offer you not just in the

summer months, but all year round

The key to such an enviable prospect is the

gentle Croatian climate

On the Adriatic coast you can enjoy mild and pleasant temperatures even over the winter season, plus a high number of annual days of sunshine.


Aleksandar Gospić

Do you enjoy

cycling solo while soaking up the natural beauty of your surroundings? Or how about family hikes in the countryside? Or days at sea, sailing with friends? Perhaps you have to put these pleasures on hold during the coldest and wettest months at home... Not in Croatia!



But it's not only about the weather.

The Croatian cultural calendar bursts with traditions and celebrations throughout the year. St Martin’s Day, commemorated on 11 November, marks the day when the must turns into wine,  in a baptismal tradition that dates back centuries. You can also taste young wines and local treats  such as kremšnita (custard cake) as part of the festivities.



Follow the road less travelled and sample the variety of off-season plans Croatia has in store for you...