Ivo Biočina

Travelling through time

A trip to Croatia does not only mean

geographical travel, but it also takes you

back through time, as you discover

centuries-old traditions and the remnants of

the civilisations that have passed through and

taken root in this remarkable land.

Built at the heart of the

Roman Empire,

the Diocletian Palace of Split is a perfect example of the evolution of late classical architecture, with

its shapes and embellishments exemplifying not just the development of early Christian art, but also the prelude

to the Byzantine and early medieval architectural styles. 

The collection housed at the monumental Mimara

Museum serves as a veritable catalogue of the

history of art, where you can soak up stunning permanent pieces 

by Rubens, Goya and Manet, as well as a variety of other

styles and periods. Some of the most ancient pieces

on exhibit even date back to prehistoric times.

Boris Kačan

Staying indoors is all well and good, but Croatian culture likes to take things outside! The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is

Croatia’s oldest cultural festival and a spectacular event sure to remain imprinted on your memory for years to come. It

not only showcasestheatre, ballet, opera and the world’s leading classical orchestras, but all of this against the perfect

backdrop of its magnificent city walls!

And there’s something for fans of folklore too in the form of Croatia’s most

popular legacy. Traditional lace has been handed down through the generations in countryside towns, such

as on the island of Pag and in the town of Lepoglava in northern Croatia. Lepoglava also keeps this legacy alive

with a fantastic annual festival dedicated to the art. 


Croatia’s Top 10

Ancient Monuments