Aleksandar Gospić

Your road trip by the sea

Just like a movie: hire a car with friends and

explore the beautiful Adriatic coast. Start a

journey of a lifetime, in which just one thing

is for sure; every day will be a new adventure.

Start the engine,

adventure awaits you

inside the walls of Dubrovnik, walls that surround a magical historical center, a scenario that takes you to

another time... and spread the energy that will guide you throughout the whole trip.


Don’t let anything stop you,

the sea need not be a limit for your road trip. Get on the ferry that will take your car to the pristine waters of

the islands of Korčula and Proizd, and you and your friends to magnificent ports and fabulous



The best recipe

to enjoy the trip


is to savor every moment. In Split you will be able to try the famous Dalmatian pašticada. Refill your batteries, 

recharge your energy with the exquisite local cooking, traditional delicacies and fine

wines before strolling around Diocletian’s magnificent palace.


Ivo Biočina

A refreshing break along the way for your body and mind

A pit stop at Krka National Park, near the city of Šibenik and halfway between Split and Zadar, is the perfect chance to

enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls and turn this trip into a journey to remember.