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Silver of a golden glow

A welcome worthy of the gods for the Blazers (Vatreni)

The Croatian football team of the 2018 World Cup Championship won the silver medals in Russia, however, throughout the entire tournament the Blazers left their heart and soul on the field, and deserved and received, the greatest support from the fans, all the Croats, as well as the whole world.


This golden generation of football players will remain listed in the annals of Croatian sport forever. In Moscow before and after the final against France, Red Square was covered with squares, wrapped in a huge flag of thanks from the fans who enjoyed the support of all nations at the 2018 World Championship, and they left behind the impression of the best fans in the world.


Songs, joy, support, cheering and happiness were seen on every Croatian fan who transferred their wishes and dreams to the Croatian footballers, who have achieved the greatest success in Croatian football in the history of the young nation, surpassing the original Blazers from 1998 and their bronze medal from France.

After leaving Moscow the Blazers were greeted by more than 500,000 people in Zagreb who had lined the route from Franjo Tuđman Airport to Ban Josip Jelačić Square. The 18-kilometre trip lasted seven hours during which the bus with our fiery boys travelled through an enthusiastic mass who greeted them with songs and welcome messages. Each one of them wanting to be part of the historical story. The celebration continued down the entire route that the bus took, and the culmination came with the Blazers’ appearance in Zagreb’s main square.

Hundreds of flares lit up the sky above the square, and song rang out through the air. Every player was presented and greeted loudly by the fans by name and they expressed thanks for the most beautiful present possible and a welcome, which they could have never dreamt about.  16 July 2018 enters the history books as the day when Zagreb lit up with happiness, and the whole of Croatia breathed as one. Everybody was unanimous – this is “INDESCRIBABLE. THANK YOU, CROATIA!”

Croatia celebrates the arrival of its Blazers

Town squares and waterfronts were full with proud fans who shared their happiness with their idols. In the most beautiful way possible Croatia thanked its football players who will stay in our hearts forever.


Get ready to cheer like true Croats

Tourists sing the Croatian anthem ‘Our Beautiful Homeland’

Engaged at the Blazers’ welcome

The most beautiful love story

During one of the most beautiful days for Croatia, another magnificent one happened. In the centre of the main square, Srećko Oršulić proposed to Ivana Andrijević, and she said “YES”! (Video: Viki Oršulić)

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