Damir Fabijanić

Sport Fishing


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Chase the hidden underwater treasures. It doesn’t matter if you prefer fresh or salt water, if you love fishing you are in the right place. Since marine species such as sea bass, dentex, gilt-poll and tuna to fresh water species such as trout or even enormous catfish, fishing enthusiasts from around the world come to the Croatian waters, not only to compete, but to watch, admire and enjoy Croatian fishing.


Do you like fishing in the sea? Near Dubrovnik you will find four perfect locations for this: Zaton Bay and the islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. If instead you prefer river fishing, the Odra, the Mreznica, the Gacka, the Strug and Zvecaj are your ideal sites. If you want some challenge you can always join some of the best fishermen of the world, gathering every year in Jezera, Murter Island, to compete in Big Game Fishing. Throughout the year you can enjoy boat trips and fishing activities organized for you and the whole family. Croatia is, without doubt, a top destination for sports fishing.

Ivo Biočina

Freshwater fishing in Croatia

Regardless of whether it is about a little stream which will quickly disappear in fields, a wild mountain river which not even solid rocks can stop or about a low-lying river which flows lightly like an elegant lady, Croatia is a real water fun park for fishermen. 

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