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If you too dream that you are flying and from the heights you enjoy the beautiful landscapes whilst below you the scenes of nature alternate where you’d like to “disappear”, then a zip line trip is something that you really must do. From the method of transport which once carried cargo over a canyon and remote regions, the zip line has over the years developed into a form of green adrenaline recreation.


It is a fun way of descending through a canyon down a steel cable with the help of the free movement of a pulley and a mechanism for braking, wherein you are secured with a belt, and you also wear a helmet and gloves. Although you rush through the air high up, safety and control are utmost. The cables can carry several tons, and initial training is obligatory on practice wires, low-lying above solid ground, on which you will experience sitting in the belt or another type of seats and a shorter movement with the cable. The instructors will explain when and how to brake, and so that nothing is left to chance, they are there to safely hook you onto an individual cable and wait at the other side and give clear instructions for your every step. When children go down a zip line the instructors accompany them.


This adventure in the air often includes a short walk in the nature which will reveal its beauty and in a simple and pleasant way connect you to it. An unforgettable combination of that pleasant amount of adrenaline and the feeling of the freedom of “flight”, as well as the possibility of control and enjoyment of the views will overwhelm you whilst you “travel” down the zip line. So, be brave and “take off”!

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All you need to do is enjoy yourself, and everything else will be done by the laws of physics and gravity!

It’s good to know!

Zip lines in Croatia are ready for all seasons


Dry and warm weather conditions are ideal for a fun adventure, but also a tour in colder days and the enjoyment of drops of rain and flakes of snow is something that you will remember and even longer talk about with your friends.


Whichever season you decide on, wear the corresponding clothing and shoes suitable for the weather conditions. Closed toe footwear suitable for sport and walking is desirable. Avoid wearing loose and baggy clothing such as scarves and shawls and in any case empty your pockets before the ride.


Due to the nature of the zip line it is recommended that you leave any valuables such as jewellery or mobile phones in a safe place or use the devices securely attached to you. Although the allowed weights of a guest for each zip line can vary, in general, the rides are suitable for people who weigh between 30 and 140 kg, and you will be informed about that, as well as other relevant information during the instructions about the zip line itself.

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Bear in mind that for minors (in Croatia this is up to 18 years of age) the parent’s consent is required.

Where to find zip lines in Croatia?

Choose the adventure of a lifetime


Since zip lines come in varying types and durations, various rides are on offer in Croatia from those of short and lower lines to multiple rides and multi-hour fun. Zip line wires can be found in beautiful river canyons, Robinson Crusoe campsites, adrenaline parks and in developed tourist resorts as separate entertainment or as a part of a complex of tourist facilities. Providers of zip line services will guarantee you the necessary education and equipment for a ride down the wires, and if necessary transport to the site as well.


Deciding on an individual zip line ride is at the same time easy, but also a very difficult task. The ease is in the fact that all the sites are relatively easy to access and open to visitors during the tourist season, and often throughout the whole year too. On the other hand, it is a real challenge to choose the location, because according to the beauty of a region in which they are set, the amount of fun they offer and the professional and friendly staff of zip lines, they all stand shoulder to shoulder. So, it will not be so easy, but it is worth making the effort and doing the additional research because such an effort will pay off many times over.

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Zip line as a part of other facilities

Along with these zip lines and their multi-hour programmes, you can also find shorter cables which are parts of more complex adrenaline and entrainment sites. These are mostly wires of 50 to 200 metres long constructed as the exits from adrenaline parks, so as you fly down these cables under your feet there are frequently located other facilities.


If your friends or family members are nearby, call them so they too can enjoy these short “flying pistes”. For now you will find such zip lines in Konavle, Pakoštane, Žumberak, nearby Zagreb, at the thermal baths of Sveti Martin, and in the following few years probably in new locations, because this fun is “infectious and spreading fast”.

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One Man’s Fear is Another Man’s Thrill

Forget lying on the beach all day, and ensure yourself the fullest holiday satisfaction! Finding an accessible destination that caters to all needs, plus an adrenaline rush on every step can be a challenge, until you hear about one small country in south-east Europe. Croatia.