Dalmatia - Šibenik

Dalmatia - Šibenik

This part of Croatia is often called the heart of the Mediterranean. It includes Šibenik-Knin county, along with its two national parks – one maritime, the other ashore – 11 medieval fortresses, 230 cultural monuments and 600 archaeological sites.

Šibenik is the main town, and, along with its Cathedral of St. Jacob, stands as testimony to the historical importance of this part of Europe. The Cathedral is unique on a global scale for many reasons and included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.


The magnificent Kornati islands give their name to the national park containing 89 uninhabited islands, which are part of the Šibenik archipelago.


Even if you only gaze at them from the campsites located on neighbouring islands or along the coast of this region, you will realise that they are a real gem, which also captivated George Bernard Shaw, the famous writer. It was he who wrote that ‘On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath.’ The closest place to these islands is the island of Murter, which is the largest and most densely populated island of Šibenik-Knin county, and is connected to the mainland by a moveable bridge. Together with the Kornati archipelago, it forms the largest island municipality in the Mediterranean. In the inland part of the region is the Krka National Park, where the karstic river of the same name is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. The river and its surroundings are home to distinctive flora and fauna, some of which live in the numerous caves. Along its journey of 75 kilometres through the picturesque, deep canyon, the river Krka forms very beautiful waterfalls: Bilušića Buk, Miljacka, Brljan, Rošnjak, Manojlovački Slap, Roški Slap and Skradinski Buk. On a boat trip in the park, you can also visit Visovac, a small island where a Franciscan Monastery is located. You can also visit Skradin Buk via the waterways from Skradin, a small town famous for its marina and visited by celebrities.


Perhaps it was precisely this natural beauty that inspired the inventor of the parachute, Faust Vrančić. He was the Croatian Leonardo da Vinci, and earned his international reputation at the end of the 16th century when he published the description of his invention. Born in Šibenik, Vrančić spent his childhood on the island of Prvić, where there is a museum collection connected with him.

On the island of Prvić you can find out why the Italian naturalist and travel writer, Alberto Fortis, lavished such praise upon the local figs, wine, olive oil, fruits and other products produced here and on the neighbouring islands. In his book ‘The journey through Dalmatia’, Šibenik and its surrounding areas were treated to a huge number of pages, and so perhaps that’s reason enough for you to come here and stay in one of the campsites of the Šibenik region.


Dalmatia - Šibenik

Where pearls are easy to find.

Set amid the wild beauty of white karstic rock and the azure sea, the Šibenik aquatorium is a yachting paradise, boasting as many as 240 isles and reefs, each of which holds an interesting feature or two

Dalmatia - Šibenik

Yachting Paradise

The unspoilt landscapes of the Kornati archipelago or the mind-blowing waterfalls and lakes of Krka are both designated national parks and only two of the unmissable stops on your island-hopping route.