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Explore the diversity of Croatian cuisine and discover its wonderful specialties. Aperitifs such as the world famous Maraschino of Zadar, starters such as cheese from Pag, ham and kulenova seka of Slavonia, oysters and mussels from Ston, delicious grilled fish, salted anchovies, delicacies such as eels and frogs from the Neretva Valley, turkey with mlinci, pašticada from Split, and desserts like puddings, Kotonjata, kroštule or fritule are among the many dishes in an unforgettable menu that will conquer your senses.



From north to south and from east to west, from the shores of the Adriatic in Dalmatia to the valleys of Slavonia, each region of Croatia has its own special culinary personality that will surprise you. From proto-Slavic essences mixed with Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish influences in the meats, desserts and vegetable dishes of the continental regions, to the Greek, Roman and Illyrian Mediterranean flavors of the fish delicacies and wines of the coastal region... Let your taste travel across centuries of tradition and relish every moment.

Stipe Surać

Croatia’s MICHELIN Stars



Throughout the year, but especially during the autumn harvest time, the wine roads in Croatia are filled with people looking to enjoy and celebrate local festivals, such as San Martin. Take part in the christening of must (new wine), or simply explore the beautiful vineyards like the ones in Motovun in Istria, Kutjevo in Slavonia or Međimurje in Central Croatia and enjoy a unique experience.

Damir Fabijanić


The cultivation of grapes and production of select wines is a centuries-old tradition among Croatian viticulturists both in continental Croatia, in the Primorje area (the Littoral) and Dalmatia.



One of the icons of the Mediterranean culture, olive oil has been a fundamental ingredient of Croatian cuisine for centuries and one of the most important products of our country. Discover its great gastronomic value and healing properties by visiting the regions where it is produced: Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

Maja Danica Pečanić

Olives and olive oil


Enjoy Croatian cuisine at the many food festivals and tastings held throughout the year. Follow the wine routes through the beautiful vineyards of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Central Croatia. Savor delicious white truffles from Istria. Try the famous sheep’s milk cheese from the island of Pag and sweeten your days with honey from the island of Hvar.

When sun-soaked fresh ingredients meet in a melting pot of amazingly diverse culinary influences, you can’t help but crave another bite.

Go ahead, there’s always room for more.

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