Dalmatia - Šibenik

Dalmatia - Šibenik

The Šibenik sub-region is located south of Zadar and is part of northern Dalmatia. Its main city is Šibenik, which for all tourists is a beautiful city rich in history. But for architects, artists and inventors the city, and the entire region, has one other important dimension, an inspirational story about creativity. The most important Šibenik monument is the Cathedral of St. James, which is under the protection of UNESCO and is known for its construction utilizing only white limestone and marble blocks, i.e. without wood or any other supporting materials.


Nothing, of course, happens accidentally or without a reason. In the time of the Republic of Venice, Šibenik was one of the most important humanistic and Renaissance centers for writers, builders, and historians. Among them was the versatile inventor, builder, poet, historian, philosopher and theologian Faust Vrančić, known above all for his construction of a parachute, Homo volans (the flying man) and many other inventions that are gathered in his book of inventions, Macchinae novae.


Šibenik and its surrounding area have an ever increasing MICE offer that is constantly improving and adding new features, including newly-built congress facilities in Šibenik and in nearby Vodice. We should also mention that the renovated St. Michael and Baron fortresses, which host cultural performances, business gatherings and functions that will be long remembered because of the ambience and the beautiful and unforgettable view.


This region is full of interesting stories that can be the starting point for exploration, thematic gatherings and also incentives.

Sergio Gobbo

Perhaps you did not know: a photograph of a Primošten vineyard that shows a hard-working man struggling with a Dalmatian stone is hanging in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.


The islands of the Šibenik Archipelago have an interesting history and tradition. The island of Murter is known for its shipbuilding, Krapanj is for its sponge industry, Zlarin for coral diving, and the island of Prvić, where Faust Vrančić spent his youth and where, at his express wish, he was buried after many foreign travels, is known for the memorial center dedicated to this great and versatile man.


In the Šibenik hinterland, Dalmatian Zagora, it is interesting to walk through history and a tradition that you can see, but also taste.


There are two national parks – the Krka River National Park and Kornati National Park, which can also be an inexhaustible inspiration for incentive and team-building programs.

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