Water – the greatest Croatian wealth

Water – the greatest Croatian wealth

The amount of fresh, flowing and drinking water required for maintaining life is limited, with supplies growing scarce. So it should come as no wonder that the present value of an area is measured in terms of the amount and quality of drinking water.

Ivo Biočina

Due to its geographical location, as well as relief and climate characteristics, Croatia boasts copious amounts of high-quality fresh water.

Croatia is interspersed with a network of rivers, which are, together with their tributaries, divided between the Black Sea and Adriatic Sea basins, and make up the country’s abundant water resources along with sinking rivers. Also, when it comes to high-quality drinking water, the karst area in Croatia, which has little water on the surface and plenty of water underground, is an invaluable and unique reservoir of first-rate drinking water.

As a result, Croatia still has abundant drinking water resources, so if you were wondering whether you can drink tap water in Croatian cities, towns and villages, the answer is – yes, of course you can, and it is entirely wholesome to boot!