Combine Sailing and Climbing

Combine Sailing and Climbing

Adventure tourism is gaining more and more fans around the world. BASE jumping, rock climbing, paragliding, kayaking, bungee jumping, mountain biking... All of these sports attract large numbers of nature lovers and adrenaline junkies to Croatia. Among them are boaters who come to the Adriatic to enjoy its combination of turquoise waters, gastronomical wonders, and fine weather. However, there are those who like to spend their days by trying out new things while their boats are docked or anchored somewhere.

Sport climbing and deep-water soloing are great fun – Croatia offers a host of beautiful locations where you can combine nautical and climbing activities during your holiday. With over a thousand islands, every rock is a playground. Here are some of the most popular:
Ivo Biočina


While the tiny Croatian village of Viganj is a surfers’ paradise, the Paklenica National Park is a Mecca for sport climbing fans. At the foot of the magnificent and proud Velebit Mountain lies a climbers’ paradise, within reach of boaters and sailors.

You can dock your boat in the harbour on the north side, which is partially secluded and protected from the northern wind bora and the southern wind jugo. Keep in mind that the sea here is only 2 to 5 meters deep. From the moment you dock, you will be welcomed by a breath-taking combination of the blue sea, green forests and barren, stark peaks of Velebit. With nearly 600 routes to choose from, Paklenica is the biggest and most popular climbing spot in Croatia. The most famous cliff in Croatia and a classic climbing spot, Anića kuk, is located here.

Aleksandar Gospić

Greater Split Area

The greater area of the city of Split contains over 1,200 climbing routes, including the spectacular routes on the islands of Hvar, Brač and Vis.
If you dock your boat in Split, the nearest spot for adrenaline-filled activities is the Sustipan peninsula, a true Mecca of deep-water soloing.

If you have never had the chance to try DWS, this is the perfect climbing adventure for you this summer. Those sailing south who are looking for climbing spots can visit Omiš, where they can choose one of the cliffs overlooking the beautiful green delta of the Cetina River. There are not many docking places, but you are more likely to avoid the crowds if you visit in the spring and autumn months.


The island of Hvar has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. Plenty of restaurants, a rich nightlife, and beautiful nature are only some of its advantages. Hvar has a lot to offer to climbers as well. The most popular spot is the tiny village of Sveta Nedjelja on the south side of the island.


Another such spot is located on the south of the island of Čiovo, facing the sea and reachable only by boat. The amazing and terrifying cliffs can provide the perfect adrenaline rush for a summer trip. Just be aware that this side of the island is exposed to the open sea and winds.

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Much like the greater Split area, Istria offers over 1,200 routes. Boaters might enjoy several locations near the sea. The climbing spot at the Zlatni Rt Forest Park in the town of Rovinj is only a few dozen meters away from the sea, and offers stunning views of the Rovinj archipelago. Be sure to try out climbing later in the afternoon to catch the spectacular sunset and its reflections on the surface of the water.
Aleksandar Gospić
At the foot of the Učka Mountain, on the east coast of Istria, the tiny village Medveja offers one of the most difficult climbs in Croatia.