Adrenaline entertainment that will bring a smile to your face

Adrenaline entertainment that will bring a smile to your face

A jet ski to enjoy the Croatian seaside

Riding a jet ski is a very popular adrenaline adventure, which you can experience while sailing the Adriatic. It is a great pastime for boaters, while their boat is docked in one of the countless ports, on the docks of century old towns or carelessly floating in picturesque coves in one of the many islands.


Powerful machines, speed, riding the waves, the wind in your hair and beautiful nature are perfect ingredients for a summer hit. As you explore the hidden corners of the Adriatic followed by the warm mistral wind, you will feel as if the whole word belongs to you. All that with a big smile on your face. What is great is that this type of entertainment is suitable for everyone. The jet ski is a modern chameleon. Speed and adrenaline junkies will choose powerful sports models fast as a Formula 1 race car, while families with children will opt for more relaxed and comfortable options with three or four seats from which the little ones can experience a bit of adventure and have a beautiful and exciting memory for the rest of their lives.

Zavratnica, jet ski
Mario Hlača

But before you begin exploring the azure sea and the hidden coves of Croatian islands, it is recommended that you acquaint yourself with this speeder and the regulations, which you must respect while staying in Croatia. If you do not own a jet ski, you have to rent one. In any case, in order to enjoy riding one, you have to be 18 and have the corresponding licence. Before riding a jet ski, it is recommended to explore its capabilities, as it is a very fast vessel with a strong engine. Safety equipment must contain a life vest, a wetsuit and water shoes. These things are necessary when enjoying speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour. The safety equipment is not there just for you, but for other vessels on the sea as well. Once you have acquainted yourself with the jet ski and chosen the right equipment, it is time to learn the basic safety regulations at sea. In Croatia, planing is forbidden less than 300 metres from the coast. If you are interested in additional information, such as speed limitations in channels and other limitations, or restricted access to national parks and protected areas, you can inquire at the local port authority. Adhere to the maritime law, because many boats need to coexist at sea, which works well if everyone respects the rules.

Aleksandar Gospić

Now you are ready to explore the most beautiful coast of the world. With a smile on your face, turn your jet ski on and let the fun begin... You will, however, have to take care of that selfie on your own. You are in for a hard task, since Croatia is full of beautiful images. When you return to the deck of your boat, you will know that you experienced the Croatian seaside blockbuster.