TZG Dubrovnik

Winter fairy tale

There is a time in the year made for lovers of

traditions like you. Get ready for a time of

celebration, share unique experiences and

moments with the ones you love and gaze at

scenes full of magic. Advent is the time and

Croatia is the place to live it!

A heart of tradition

beats in Zagreb

on the Ban Josip Jelačić Square, with children's performances, art and cultural events every day, and also in the streets surrounding the square with the traditional Christmas Fair. Taste the traditional cuisine of Zagreb, pasta squares with cabbage, sausages, fried apples or baked štrukle, and warm up with hot chocolate or mulled wine to the rhythm of live music at the old music pavilion in Zrinjevac. The souvenir and Christmas decoration market on European Square will leave you breathless. Go ice skating in one of Zagreb’s most beautiful parks, King Tomislav Square, stroll through the famous Live Nativity Scene in Kaptol or simply ‘fool around’ at Fuliranje, the hipster open air holiday market.


Davor Kirin
And, of course, you can always enjoy the authentic Croatian Christmas at the Salaj family farm, in the nearby town of Čazma, an amazing show of light and color for the whole family.

Ice skating

by the shores of the Adriatic Sea

is not something you can experience every single day. The Open Air Theatre in Opatija is magically

transformed these dates into a fantastic winter stage hosting an impressive ice rink, while the charming

Christmas Fair will enrich the Slatina promenade. Try the local cuisine such as the exquisite “Opatija’s Camellia”

cake and indulge yourself at the Chocolate Festival for an unforgettable sweet Advent. 


Live your own

Christmas Carol in Split

past, present and times yet to come, walking through its streets full of history. Submerge yourself in the old city

following the footsteps of Emperor Diocletian and marvel at the wonderful sounds of choral music and

the city’s mandolin orchestra. Let your senses go with traditional dishes such as codfish or Split’s specialty 

fritule and lose yourself on the Riva promenade enjoying the evening concerts.


There is also time

to rest and relax in the sun

Enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate even in the winter at the wonderful city of Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the

Adriatic, bathed in sunshine for a different Advent. Visit the Christmas Fair, admire the handmade ceramics,

porcelain, glassware and toys or taste the traditional local sweet delicacies including quince cheese kontonjata,

must cake mantala or the deep fried biscuits hrostule. Any time of the year and of course at Christmas, when

looking for folkloreculture and concerts Dubrovnik is the place to be.