Zadar Outdoor Festival

Zadar Outdoor Festival


By the instructions and recommendations of the governing authorities the event has been canceled!


Zadar Outdoor event was envisioned in 2016 and launched in 2017. as outdoor manifestation in the pre and post season in order to increase tourist traffic during these periods of the year. Zadar Outdoor offers an active holiday that gives the possibility to a wide audience to try some new activities, to socialize, to have a good time and to fill with positive energy.


The mission of Zadar Outdoor Festival is to emphasize and promote the specificity and uniqueness of Zadar region through sports activities, competitive and recreational character, and to popularize active holidays for whole families.


ZOF 2017. over 800 participants from 12 countries
ZOF 2018. over 900 participants from 15 countries
ZOF 2019. over 1000 participants from 20 countries 
ZOF 2020. expects over 1100 participants from 25 countries


FALL EDITION OF ZADAR OUTDOOR FESTIVAL will be held from 25.-27. September – two competitive disciplines (Trail through history – Ravni kotari and Swimming marathon).


In addition to competitions, various workshops and interesting lectures will be organized. Some of them are slacklining which offers the possibility of overcoming balance, highline, sports climbing and yoga workshops.

The fact that Ivica Kostelic, who is also a top athlete who is constantly working to promote healthy and active lifestyle and the numerous beauties of Croatia, has taken a part in the Festival, says a lot about attractiveness of The Zadar Outdoor Festival.