Salt Festival

Salt Festival


Salt Festival Ston event  is dedicated to all generations of visitors, especially to  Ston and  Peljesac peninsula inhabitants also the guests of this part of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The idea of organizing Salt Festival in Saltworks Ston was initiated by the wish to present comparative advantages of this part of our region - natural and cultural sights (Solana, stone monuments, Pelješac vineyards, wineries, Malostonian Gulf ...); products typical for this climate - salt, oysters, wine, oil, honey etc.... Various programs and activities enable active participation of visitors, especially the youngest ones for creative workshops. Ston  Salt Festival  affirms creativity of local people through exhibitions, crafts , music and theatre performances , small fair of traditional products also with charity events in cooperation with local associactions.


All programs are held in Solana Ston venue which is a historical place, one of the economic bases of ancient Dubrovnik Republic,

Saltworks Ston  was unchanged since the 14th century, it was the strategic economic point of the Dubrovnik Republic, while today it is an important economic entity and a unique monument of culture and tourist attraction.


The salt stock, which is made in Solan Ston in a historic way every year, also represents a special tourist attraction and captures the visitor's attention.

Because of its geographic position, the small town of Ston and Solana, situated at the beginning of the peninsula of Peljesac, in the end with a rich gastro-delicacy, at the door of the Wine Valley of Peljesac, there are potentials for the development of additional contents that will attract visitors from all over the peninsula as well as beyond.


The Festival of Salt, as a multimedia event, retains its termination position at the end of August and early September, at tourism season –shoulders with the main goal to attract more visitors to this region., both domestic and international.


In line with sustainable tourism development, the Salt Festival presents the existing capacities and comparative advantages of this area and traditional products, without jeopardizing the environment and diverting attention to the richness of heritage, both economic and cultural, emphasizing the partnership between local government stakeholders, tourism stakeholders, small producers and the local population, as well as visitors.


During the festival, visitors will be able to taste best gastronomic specialities form Peljesac and Ston, local wines , oysters and other. All programs are complimentary for visitors.